Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kittens: Take Two

Even though we haven't had the best of luck with kittens so far, our friends had another batch and we decided to try again. (Did I ever tell you that our neighbors found Ginger when we were out of town and gave her away to their daughter in Utah? Who does that?) So here are our newest cuties:

Problem is, we can't really decide on names. They are both female, and right now Kenzie wants to name this one Maple. Mallory and I like the name Autumn...she has fall colors so we want something maybe to do with the season.
This one looks like a milk cow, so Mark calls her Holstein (not gonna happen) and I call her Dairy. (A tribute to you, Brandon and Lindsay.)

They are both very sweet and they stay in the garage unless we take them outside to play.

So any suggestions on names? Maybe I'll send something to the winner (how about a new kitten? I hear there might be some left!)


Amy said...

So CUTE!! I think "Holstein" is a hilarious name!!! So, you could name her: Oreo, Heifer, Murray (there's a breed of cow called murray grey). I think you guys come up with really cute names! I love Maple, but I also think Autumn is really cute!! Good luck.

Jennifer said...

I like Maple too. We have an orange tortise shell cat named pumpkin. It is so hard to come up with names. We also have a dog named tater tot. That looks real impressive on his pedigree.

And I can't believe your neighbor gave away your cat.

Melissa said...

Did the neighbor know it was your cat? The nerve! Darling replacements though!