Monday, December 14, 2009

Regarding Henry....and other winter happenings

Meet Henry, the newest member of the family, born yesterday afternoon while I was snuggled in bed for a Sunday nap. Based on how cold the weather has been I have a feeling he's going to be around for quite a while.

It snowed all day Saturday and through the night to Sunday. It is absolutely gorgeous outside, especially when the sun comes up and goes down and the sky is covered in pink.

Getting the boys out the door to the bus is quite the project. They LOVE the snow!

Dallin had his last basketball game on Saturday and to our surprise they were playing his friend Trevor's team. He and Trevor have been best buds since they were three and played on the same team in Phoenix. We won't talk about the final score of this game, but Dallin did great this year. He scored in almost every game and is learning to use his height to block shots. The "D" on his jersey was an appropriate nickname for his great defensive moves.
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We continued our tradition of having a couple's Christmas party. We had about 12 couples from the ward and enjoyed yummy appetizers and fun games (and no, the two men in the top corner are not a "couple" they just really enjoyed guessing how many kisses were in the jar.) Such a fun night!


Karin said...

What a great par-tay, indeed!
Thanks, Asparagus;)

michelle said...

Wow, they were just three-years old then. I love these pics. I'll send mine to you. Please send these to me. Loved the snowmen and the party pics too!

Alisa said...

Is Henry still around? :) Brrrr!