Saturday, October 16, 2010

Design Help Needed!

I recently started changing up the decor in our bedroom. My old bedding was starting to feel a little old-ladyish and I wanted something fresher. Here's what I found on clearance at Dillard's (with some help from Ashlee and Nathan finding some pieces in Phx. and Denver)

(Please ignore the old furniture that I would love to change...someday.)

This is what I did with the wall to the right:
I need help deciding what to do over the bed. I was thinking about a collection of different white plates, but is it weird to have plates in a bedroom? And is that too girly for Mark? How about different white mirrors? A large piece of artwork? Do I need to expand and have some other colors or is it OK to just do green and white?

P.S. This post is mostly for my sisters who live too far away and on whom I rely for validation on most decisions that I make (and who are also great decorators...I'm talking to you Melissa!) But of course I'll take suggestions from any of my readers!


Chelsea said...

Funny I'm the 1st one to comment considering I'm one who has seen much of this in person! I like the different mirror idea- maybe throw in some silver ones too somehow? I dunno and I still can't decide on the adding a different color either maybe just silver accents. In other words, just ask Melissa! But good job on the final pillow layout- looks fabulous!

Lindsay said...

Yeah, I like the mirror idea as well. Plates doesn't seem too bad, but I would want to see the plates first. Maybe look at Pottery Barn website, they always have cool ideas.

Krystle said...

i would say do some black and white pics of your kids like the canvas ones you can get from costco, but i don't know how that would go with the brown walls? maybe sepia! haha but what do i know right?!

Michelle Burk said...

Love the green and white bedding! Looks fresh, new, very inviting. As you local sister, I'm going to throw my two cents in and say put things on the wall that remind you of times you and Mark have spent together. Make it a place that's personal to the two of you. After all, you have a whole house to hang family picts, but this is your space to get away. Decorate it with what you LOVE--which probably isn't plates.

Amy said...

I love the new bedding!! I can't really offer any suggestions because I struggle with the whole decor thing. I love the furniture!! But I like the "colonial"-looking stuff! Good luck.

Rachele said...

I love the GREEN! So crisp and clean and fresh. Love it!

Melissa said...

I feel so loved and needed!I don't know how long ago you posted this, I'm just getting around to catching up with my blogging. Very cute!! Love the green and white! Black accents would be great, I think. Too much of one color starts to make everything blend together too much. You could use black and white toile or something like that. Some great black and white photos of random scenery or architecture (bring out the photographer in you) 2 or 3 in wide black frames,or just fabric squares with black and white toile or black and white graphic printed mattes and hang up behind the bed. The plate idea is good too, although it might make the room look to feminine. Personally, I don't like family pictures above my bed, but you could frame some in a collage somewhere in the room. Oh my, my creative juices are flowing, if only I could fly up and visit. Would be so fun to help you design. I think it looks great how it is already. You know, you could always paint the old furniture white or black, maybe? Spray paint works the best.