Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Goings On

Our nice Christmas Break is definitely over and we have hit the ground running in 2011. Why do I keep complaining about how busy I am? I have four kids, this is life. I know our schedule isn't any crazier than the rest of yours. I'm just the type that likes to stay at home in my pajamas with a good book. Instead I find myself racing from one place to the next, never stopping to catch my breath.

Last week was New Beginnings and we did a football theme (along with the rest of the worldwide church...thank you Sugardoodle.) Here were our invitations/tickets:

Amazing, right? They were made by my second counselor Angela, (on the right below). She and our Beehive advisor Holly planned the whole evening, down to every little detail. It was incredible and I think the girls and parents really enjoyed it. Angela is one of those super creative people who love to go all out for events like this one. Unfortunately she is moving to CA next month and we're going to seriously miss her!
Tomorrow is our annual spelling bee that I'm heading up for the school again. Should be fun but boy will I be glad when it's over. Is it sad that I'm relieved neither of my boys are competing this year? That would just mean additional time helping them study their words!
Besides these activities, Dallin is now playing basketball, McKenzie has started Driver's Ed (crazy, I know!) and Mallory has cheer every day this month to prepare for competition. And Brady? He pretty much just wants to come home from school, take a bath and put on his pajamas. Every. Single. Day. I wonder where he gets that from ?
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Celeste said...

Don't worry, I was also relieved that Caden didn't participate. In fact, I tried to convince him that he didn't want to do it this year. How's that for great parenting?