Saturday, April 2, 2011

Recent Faves

Here are a few things I am liking/obsessing over right now:

Mark got me an Ipad a few weeks back and I love, love, love it! Since our laptop died a while ago I've been so glad to have internet access all over the house. It's crazy how much time I'm spending on it (not necessarily a good thing)

Some of the time I use the Ipad to watch Netflix episodes of
I seriously love this show, it is so so funny. Great motivator to get me on the treadmill every morning. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a new series you and your hubby will both enjoy.

Have you watched this?

My friend Susan introduced Kid History to us on girls trip and I'm embarrassed to say how many times I've watched them. There are four episodes, this one's my favorite. It's great to have youtube videos you can laugh at with your kids.

Speaking of kids, you've probably already heard about, but it is working miracles around our house this week. I've always been terrible about assigning chores and paying an allowance, but this has been great for computer loving kids like mine. Dallin and McKenzie are in a battle for the most points and our house has never been so clean!

Of course I'm so glad that spring has finally arrived in Idaho. I'm loving the warmer weather, the bright green grass and these:
Forsythia bushes are everywhere around Boise and every time I see their bright yellow buds it makes me smile.

Amber and Cody introduced us to these delicious pancakes (shared by the amazing Becky Higgins, who I have obsessed over for many many years). Oh my gosh, I can't even tell you how good they are, you have to try them. We'll be making them for Conference Sunday tomorrow, along with a similar syrup that uses the buttermilk instead of whipping cream.

Speaking of Conference, of course the best news of the weekend was the announcement of a new temple in Meridian. After many years of living an hour or more away from a temple we are feeling very blessed to have not one, but soon two temples close by. I'm campaigning for it to be built in the field behind my house, to replace the lovely calcium plant that I hate. A girl can dream, right?


Chelsea said...

Ok I loved loved loved this post because it made me miss being there so much! I had already forgotten about the kid history videos and I have told a few people about those pancakes (and told them how you were obsessed haha)!!!

Courtney said...

You know I always love a new pancake recipe! I thought of you when they announced the new temple - so exciting.

Meighan said...

So exciting about the temple--I think by your house would be a great location =) I'll have to try out some of your favs!