Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Homecoming 2011

This weekend was our annual trip down to Provo for BYU's Homecoming. It's turned into a mini family reunion where everyone who can make it, does. The weather was less than perfect (again) but we still enjoyed being together. Highlights included the Spectacular Friday night, the parade Saturday morning and of course, the big game Saturday night.
Here's Trevor with the boys at the parade. He's the 7th Moyes kid to attend the Y. 

Don't he and Kaitlin just make the cutest couple?

Mallory and Grant in their knit hats (a trend of the weekend because of the cold and rainy weather)
Here's the boys all ready for the game in their new hats. Brady was so excited to be at his first BYU game. Thank goodness they won or else we all would have frozen for nothing!

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JasonDebbie said...

I'm hoping once we are phoenix we can start going to homecoming again finally! I miss BYU