Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas is a snow blower

When building a house, one of the many decisions you have to make is where you want your driveway and how big it should be. My dad kept telling us, "The more concrete the better so you have less grass to water and mow." I don't think he took into account that the more concrete you have, the more you have to shovel and de-ice. I have spent hours over the last few days shoveling in front of our house. (Mark has been sick or at work, so the job fell to me). I feel like I need to clear the circle drive so that all of you who are planning on bringing us treats will be able to get through. You are bringing treats, right? Because with all the calories I've burned shoveling I think I deserve them!

P.S. Look! Our first icicles! Everything about this winter weather is exciting to us.


Min said...

Just remember... you chose ID. You could have come back to TX! No snow here. :)

Michelle Burk said...

You gotta love the snow! Be grateful for your driveway. You could have mine. Lucky for me, I live nextdoor to the Whites and Hollowells who both shovel me out with their tractors. Gotta love good neighbors.

Kimmy said...

Hey Tiffani-
Love your blog! So cute. Your house is so nice! I can't believe you went from AZ to Idaho! Looks so cold there. Glad you have a blog. It's a good way to keep in touch with everyone :)

michiganbliss said...

This 'lovin the winter weather' will run it's course, believe me. :) SO happy your kiddos are loving it and SO upset I will not be there next week to enjoy it with you. Have lots of fun with everyone and miss me daily. xoxo