Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just Keepin' it Cozy

In case you didn't know, Idaho is much colder than Phoenix. That includes inside your house, as well as out. Around here, we are never found without socks or slippers at all times (I think having wood floors is part of the reason too). Here are Brady's new favorites:

They were originally part of the Moyes Family Christmas Ensemble last year when we were all together for the holidays (thanks Mom!):

Somehow Brady has adopted them and wears them whenever he can. He even makes me put them by the front door so he can change into them (and pull them all the way up) as soon as he gets home from school.

We are also loving our new Cocoa-Latte hot chocolate machine. We use it several times a day to make hot cocoa or my favorite, caramel apple cider (just like Starbucks...not that I would ever buy anything from Starbucks, I've just heard ;)...) How are you all staying cozy this holiday season?


Michelle Burk said...

You should try carmel hot chocolate. It's like drinking a sundae. Super yummy.

The Taylors said...

I didn't know you had a blog...I have one too! Ours is private so I will send you an invite!

Love, Mandy

also known as shell said...

I am a Mint Hot Chocolate fan myself. and its true Idaho is very very very cold. (I grew up in Rigby and Idaho Falls) so those socks look like they could definatly do the trick.

heather said...

i've been looking for one of those that I like everywhere. I will be at bed bath and beyond tomorrow. And we are still wearing flip flops. But hey it rained today!

The Michiganders said...

Love, love, love the Cocoa-Latte. Thinking of pulling mine out right now....yum. That machine is the best when you live in a freaking cold climate.