Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dallin's New Set of Wheels

We're happy to report that Dallin is finally riding a two-wheeler by himself. He's not too happy to report that he's having to do it on his sister's girlie bike (yes, it does say "Pedal Power" on it). He was having such a hard time learning to ride the cool bike we got him for Christmas. Finally Mark figured out that it was a more specialized bike with a low seat and high pedals (like you see all the punk kids in your neighborhood riding) and it didn't make for easy learning. So for now Dallin can be spotted cruising the neighborhood on this fancy little number. The weather has been beautiful (up to 60 degrees yesterday! Do I talk about the weather too much on this blog? It seems like I do) so we all took turns riding around with him. I love having all this space for the kids to play around in and can't wait until summer (I never said that in AZ!).
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Rebecca said...

Hey whatever works I say! Way to go Dallin!