Sunday, February 15, 2009

February Visitors, Part Two

Meet the Robertsons...Eric, Raquel and their four kids. They came to visit us from Salt Lake this weekend. These guys are some of our oldest friends from our med school days. We met them when Raquel and I were just barely pregnant with our first girls and now look how things have changed:

We spent our Valentine's Day taking all eight (!) kids on a field trip to:

The Old Idaho State Penitentiary. Because nothing says I Love You like a visit to an old prison.
It was actually quite interesting, although a tad depressing. Don't worry, we followed it with a trip to a huge candy store, unless you thought we were the worst parents ever. The Robertsons have visited us in every house we've lived in since we caravaned across the country with them when we all moved from Maryland. There's nothing quite like old friends who've known you forever. Thanks for visiting you guys, we love you!


heather said...

i love that you went to a prison on valentines day. ha ha

Alisa said...

That is pretty funny! It looks really nice, though, especially considering what it is (was)!

Tamis Family said...

you could have said the Idaho castle... it doesn't look like a prison (not a great looking castle but we wouldn't know the difference!). I guess you have a lot of visitors this month! How do you like the book "Run"?