Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy Weekend

The past few days have been crazy busy but lots of fun. McKenzie had a few of her closest friends over for a little birthday party Friday night. Such cute, fun girls. She's found some great friends up here.
Saturday was the big regional dance festival at Boise State. They do it every four years and it includes the six stakes in the Meridian/Eagle area. The kids have been working for months on their routines and they did such a great job! The only problem with having 1300 kids all dancing in one arena is trying to find your daughter...when she's dressed like everyone else...and doing the exact same movements...and you're sitting about 15 rows back. I spent the whole time trying to spot Kenzie during our stake's number so I feel like I missed the whole thing and I forgot to take any pictures. These are some random ones Mark took towards the end of the night and after zooming in I see he actually got Kenzie in one pic! She looked so cute with her hair pulled back and (gasp!) makeup on.
This was the closing number with all 6 stakes (there's still one more to the left you can't see...that's a lot of kids!) It was really inspiring to see so many enthusiastic youth in our area that are choosing the right and trying to make a difference. Kenzie loved it, even though she fought me about doing it in the first place.
Our Saturdays are also filled with the boys' soccer games and plenty of yard work now that the weather is warmer. We're loving Idaho in the Spring!
Sunday Mark and I had to speak in church. Halfway through Mark's talk the fire alarm went off! A little boy had pulled it out in the hall. We all filed outside for a few minutes while they got it turned off. Mark did a great job of laughing it off, summarizing his talk and finishing up. Definitely a Sunday to remember!
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Ashlee said...

Kenz is getting so old! And how funny that the fire alarm went off, what a great way to spice up sacrament meeting :)