Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goodbye to Grandma

Mark and I really enjoyed our weekend back in Beaver for Grandma Yardley's funeral. I thought the service was wonderful, tearful at times but mostly just a celebration of a life well-lived. She was an amazing woman who packed so much life into her 97 years, nobody could ever keep up with her. Such a great example of service, community-mindedness and love. It was so fun being with all of my siblings and favorite cousins again.

Our fantastic (and brave!) friends the Burks took all four of our kids with them on a three-day campout in McCall. Sounds like everyone had more fun than if Mom and Dad had been there! Thank you again, Michelle and Roman, we owe you big time!

So now we're in the home stretch of our summer, four weeks left until school starts. Thankfully we don't have any more road trips planned but now I have to put up with the "I'm bored"s and "There's nothing to do"s. Help!


Chelsea said...

That's a great pic of you and mark!

Jennifer said...

that is a beautiful picture of you and Mark. We are down to a week and a half until school.

Reagan said...

You look great. That Idaho weather must be agreeing with you. We hope to join you there or the State next door in 3 years. So sorry about your Grandmother.

Brynne said...

Yes, definitely a great picture of you and Mark!