Saturday, January 30, 2010


I played volleyball with the ladies in the ward last Saturday and it was really fun (stop laughing Moyes family as I know you're recalling classic home video of my volleyball skills when I was in YW's). Problem is Mark has forbidden me from playing again due to the many bruises that have formed on my hand and forearm. I get my propensity to bruise easily from my mother (along with my insomnia and soda addiction...thanks mom!)

Maybe my BYU roommates will remember that when I went on my first date with Mark I was taking a volleyball class and my arms were completely black and blue and swollen. He liked me anyways, although he probably worried about a former abusive boyfriend. (Hi Doug! Just kidding!) I guess now Mark doesn't want to be the one accused of battery. So I have to decide whether the pain and bruising are worth having fun every Saturday morning (because you know they don't need me on the team...I still can't serve worth a darn!)


Ashlee said...

Oh this post makes me smile (and laugh a little) Good for you for getting out there and trying to be athletic! :) I say stick with it and let Mark deal with the consequences.

Chelsea said...

OOOOOO my I am dying laughing right now thinking about those sweet videos. Tiff, you were hot!

p.s. that star wars puzzle of Brady's brings back some memories- I think I did that with him like ten times last year at least!

cbo said...

Keep playing! I love playing with the ladies in my ward!