Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Heart Butternut Squash

On my friend Chrissy's blog she's having a heart treasure hunt all month, so I've been on the lookout for hearts in unusual places. Imagine my surprise when I spotted this on my plate last night:

Seriously, I just plopped it out of the dish and that's how it came out! Quite a coincidence since butternut squash is one of my favorite foods (just ask my family, every time I eat it I say "I love this squash!" No, really, I do!) Of course you have to cover it in butter, salt and pepper, and sometimes brown sugar, thus cancelling any health benefits you might have derived from the vegetable. I was so excited when I saw that my Costco sells it in their refrigerated section (you know, the area you have to run in and out of so quickly because it's so cold!) all cut up and ready to go.

OK, most boring blog post ever, I know. The funny thing is, when I found the squash at Costco I thought, "I should blog about this, it's making me so happy!" But then I thought, "That would be really lame to write about squash." So thank you, Chrissy, for having the fun heart treasure hunt and giving me the chance to declare my love for butternut squash to the world.


chrissy said...

oh my goodness!
look at your awesome blog!
you are so very creative.
let me just say that i really like butternut squash too.
none of the other 60 toes in our house will touch it.
and i totally believe it plopped onto your plate just like that.
hearts do that you know.
i have to also say that i thought your squash post was great. not boring at all.
i once found a carton of blueberries at trader joes with NO moldy berries and it made me soooo happy i wanted to blog about it too.
we miss your family.
i.m going to read through your blog and see what you guys have been up to.
hope idaho is being nice to you!
i am so happy you stopped by.
also, that you played the heart game.
happy hearts this thursday.

Celeste said...

Not only do I think that your post is the coolest ever, but the photo.....I can tell that you have been taking photography classes. Nice work!