Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Photography Class

As I mentioned before, I have been taking a community ed. class on photography with 5 other friends. It has been a lot fun and I do think I've learned a lot about using my camera to get the best possible pictures. Let face it, though, I'll never be the next Heather Ives (click on her wedding photos to see my gorgeous sis Lindsay) but I'm getting better.
Here's our assignment from the first week, a self-portrait:

The teacher said this could have been a great picture, but I didn't quite get it right. (He doesn't spare anyone's feelings when critiquing photos.)

The next week we were to take a picture of something in the kitchen. Here's what I chose:

He said, "That's pretty." and then handed it back to me without another word. It wasn't in the running for the prize.

The last week's assignment was "something red". Here's my two that made it to the final round:

He liked the composition on this one

And this one came in second place overall:

Funny thing is, the pencil was my least favorite! Maybe I just don't have a photographer's eye.
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Melissa said...

I think they are all beautiful! (Remember I got the "most valuable photographer" award in H.S.He!He!) Who is that teacher anyway?

Julie and Kyle said...

yah, i dont get photography. i definately dont have the eye for it. how fun that you are taking a class. i would love to learn how to take good pictures. and i actually really really like the pencil one.

Lindsay said...

You look so much like Amber in that picture!

michiganbliss said...

I am impressed. And proud of you. Get good so you can take all of our family pics. (unless you are planning on charging.. he he ;) )

The Richardsons said...

Did you know I "stalk" your blog? It is fun for getting a Christmas letter all the time! Funny that this post would convince me to comment, when I am no expert--or even hobbyist. My guess his he is into reflection. This first picture could have had an "eternal" effect with the two mirrors, if your angle had been different and the pencil pic has great lighting that picked up the reflection on the table.