Monday, June 7, 2010

The Official Start of Summer

These girls are ready for summer…and so am I! Tomorrow is the last official day of school, although Kenzie and Mall pretty much finished up today. At our house summer vacation means…
No More:
*waking up early
*packing school lunches
*nagging about homework
*worrying about missing assignments and forgotten PE clothes
*making kids go to bed even though the sun is still shining

Lots of:
*staying in pajamas
*playing in the yard
*trips to the library
*treats at Sonic, Maverik and the shaved ice hut
*working in the garden
*riding bikes in the neighborhood
*day trips
*having friends over
*eating outside on the patio
*dollar movies
*building forts

Unfortunately it also means no more quiet time for Mom and lots of watching T.V., playing video games and saying “There’s nothing to do!”

I’m ready, summer, bring it on.


Chelsea said...

Man alive those girls are so grown up and BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Camille said...

Those are really cute pictures of the girls!