Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brady had a Birthday (shout horray!)

Brady turned seven (seven!) last Saturday and boy, was he excited! He got a plasma car, football cards, an art kit and of course...

lots of legos (some things never change.)

We went to see Toy Story 3 as a family and then had friends over for a BBQ.

(On a side note...we all loved Toy Story 3 but I found myself balling towards the end. I'm sure it was the combination of my baby turning 7 that day, plus remembering my cute little Kenzie watching the first Toy Story over and over and over and now she only has 3 more years until she leaves home. Oh Pixar, you really know how to pull on a mother's heartstrings!)

Yesterday Brady had twelve (twelve!) of his friends over for a party. It was really fun but completely exhausting. They chased each other with water guns, jumped on the trampoline, threw water balloons and played a few water games.

The slip-n-slide was also a big hit.

Happy Birthday Bud, we sure love you but hate to see you growing up so fast!

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Chelsea said...

I still can't believe he is 7! Such a handsome little man. I especially love the pic of Mark forcing his head into the cake... classic.

heather said...

he is so cute! I totally bawled in toy story. So did Rachel and my sister. We struggle with change and growing up apparently.

Melissa said...

Holy moly!! Brady looks like he has grown a foot in the last few months!! Growing up too fast!