Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Excitement at our house today

We had an eventful afternoon around here. The kids and I were outside working on shucking about 100 ears of corn that our friends gave us when a storm started to blow in. For some reason Kenzie, Mallory and Dallin decided to don goggles, capes and magic wands and play Wizards in the backyard (don't ask me where they think of these things.)

Right after they performed this magic spell the lightning and thunder began (coincidence? I'm not so sure!)

We were in the house when we heard a loud bang that shook the house. Kenzie was near a window in the front of the house and said the lightning lit up the whole sky. A few minutes later we heard sirens and Kenzie looked out and saw smoke coming from the roof of the neighbor's detached garage.
The kids enjoyed watching all five firetrucks put out the small fire. The thoughts I had were:
1. I'm glad it was only their garage and not their house
2. I'm really glad it wasn't our house and
3. Why couldn't the lightning have hit the calcium plant behind us? I wouldn't have even called the fire dept. on that one (just let it burn).
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Camille said...

Oh no! We had a neighbors house burn down. It was really sad. Good thing it wasn't there house!

JasonDebbie said...

You are funny about letting that plant thingy burn up.:) Our house in vegas got hit by lightning once, luckily it didnt start a fire but it was LOUD!

Karin said...

We KNEW that bolt hit close! wow. Love all the fun siblings can have together!!!

Kimberlee said...

love it! Miss your kids