Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School

And they're off!
Dallin: 4th grade
Brady: 2nd grade
Kenzie: Sophomore
Mallory: 8th grade

It was not easy getting these two goofballs to hold still for a picture! Notice the long pants...it was in the 40's when the kids left for school!

I forgot to get pics of the girls so I made Kenzie pose that night but Mallory wouldn't cooperate. I guess she thinks she can give me attitude now that she's a big 8th grader. The house was definitely quiet yesterday without the constant sound of Disney Channel in the background. Everyone came home tired and happy, ready to face the new year!
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Ashlee said...

AHHHH! They are getting so old! Hooray for school!

michiganbliss said...

Love LOVE the family pic. You look gorgeous and skinny and gorgeous, Tiff. Those boys look so handsome on their first day. And seeing the word SOPHMORE freaks me out. Where does time go? Miss you all so much it hurts. xoxo

Michelle Burk said...

Ah, the peace and quiet is finally here. My kitchen actually stayed clean until 3:00 pm. First time in 3 months. The boys looked pretty cute on the first day. I totally forgot first day picts.