Thursday, September 9, 2010

Babies R Us

I haven't had much time to write since I've been hanging out with these two cuties:

Chelsea and Luke came from Denver for a visit last Wednesday. It has been so fun seeing both she and Lindsay as mothers (wasn't it just yesterday I was changing their diapers?) They are both naturals at it and these boys are very lucky to have such loving moms.
This little guy just stole my heart...he's seriously one of the best babies I've ever been around.
We headed to Jerome to be there for the blessing of sweet baby Grant.
It was fun to have Dad and Trevor there as well (Mom couldn't make it due to knee problems)
Sunday afternoon was spent visiting Murtaugh, ID, the town where my Dad grew up. Lots of fun Moyes memories!
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Chelsea said...

Thanks for all the fun!!

Chelsea said...

Oh and will you send me the link to these pics??

Melissa said...

I missed out again!!! BOO HOO!!! Beautiful pics, Tiff!