Sunday, September 26, 2010

Football is our life

If you were to ask us what we're up to these days, chances are it will have something to do with football. Dallin is playing tackle, which means practices Tuesday thru Friday. Brady is on a flag team and he practices twice a week (luckily at the same time and in the same neighborhood as Dallin.) Mallory is cheering for the middle school, requiring practices at 6:00 am and cheering at one or two football games a week. Of course I'm usually the one driving them all. On Saturdays we go from one boy's game to the next, followed by cheering on our sad little BYU Cougars who are currently 1-3. That's OK, Mark still proudly flies his flag every Saturday morning. When the boys aren't actually playing football they are collecting football trading cards or playing NCAA football on the XBox. And when Mark isn't commiserating about another BYU loss he's keeping up to date on the Cougar message boards online. So yeah, pretty much we're all about football right now. (Except for Kenzie...she'll have nothing to do with the sport.)

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Michelle Burk said...

We all know Kenzie is dying to be a cheerleader just like Mal, so she can run around Mtn View in one of those little mini-skirts. One more month of football craziness. You can make it!