Monday, December 20, 2010

18 years and counting

Mark and I had a fun anniversary weekend celebrating 18 years of marriage. Considering I was only 17 when we met, 18 years is a long time! Mark surprised me with these gorgeous flowers Saturday morning that go so well with our Christmas decor!
Reminded me a lot of this picture from when we were first dating (taken in the hall of my apartment in Heritage Halls) Mark's always been a great one for bringing flowers.
Friday night we went to a couple's Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. Check out these lovely numbers:
You may not notice the shoulder pads and metallic gold thread that accent my fabulous (and itchy!)  sweater. And no, I'm not pregnant but I certainly look like it here!Saturday we watched BYU play football (yay!) and basketball (boo! their first loss) and then went out to dinner with friends. I had to make sure Mallory took another picture of us so the ugly sweater one wasn't the only one to document the weekend.
I feel very fortunate to have spent more than half of my life with this wonderful man and look forward to many happy memories to come.
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Lindsay said...

Sorry I didn't mention your anniversary when we spoke on the phone!! Happy Anniversary!
...*whispers "anniversary"*....

Kimberlee said...

Hot Tiff...And I mean a few of those pictures!!!! HE HE HE