Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It was a very merry Christmas

     Our Christmas Break has been full of family fun. Here's some photos of the highlights:
Christmas Eve Candlelight Dinner

Opening one present (jammies not so matchy thanks to Mom getting some wrong sizes)

Leaving treats for Santa (everyone leaves Mtn Dew instead of milk, right?)

Looks like Santa came!

Brady's favorite gift

He has hardly taken it off since he got it!

Mallory got a little video camera, so you can be expecting some sweet Sunday afternoon movies soon.

A new bike for Dallin (since his last one was stolen...but I don't want to talk about that)

Aspiring chef McKenzie got a crepe maker and this fun cupcake book

I got Mark this cool canvas for his office,

and he got me a zoom lens for my camera (I took this picture of a hawk from my kitchen window!)

After opening up all our goodies we headed to Shelley to see Mark's family. We had a fun party Sunday night with our favorite $1 present exchange game.
Notice Brady's missing front tooth (unfortunately he didn't lose the second one in time for us to sing "All I Want for Christmas...", you know the rest)

         Here's some of  the cousins trying to trade the gifts they weren't exactly thrilled with.

Monday we left for Pocatello to meet up with three of my sisters, Amber, Chelsea and Lindsay and their families for just a few hours. We had such a great time that we all forgot to take a single picture!

Now we're back home and the kids are enjoying playing with all their new toys and I'm enjoying sleeping in and wearing my pajamas until noon. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas filled with the people you love!

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Ann said...

I noticed that John's present is right there up for grabs!! Too fun. I really do like my plant genie!!