Friday, March 4, 2011

Girls Trip 2011

Last week was my 5th annual Girls Trip with some of my best friends from Phoenix. We've visited every place that we've all moved to except one: Salt Lake. Emily and Susan live in Utah now so we decided that would be our destination. Highlights included:

Seeing "A Tale of Two Cities" at the Hale Center Theater. I can't recommend this musical was FABULOUS! Just as good as anything you'd see on Broadway. If you're going to be in the area in the next month or so you should definitely go.

We did a session in the SLC great to be there with these wonderful, faithful sisters. They are the best examples to me in so many ways.

The rest of the weekend was filled with our usual: eating out, shopping, watching favorite TV shows (this year it was "Modern Family") and staying up waaayyy too late talking.

Here we are at the airport dropping me off for my early flight (can you see how tired we are?)

Love you girls! Can't wait 'til next year!
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Kimberlee said...

nice that at the Temple you could help that poor girl in the purple dress who only has one leg:)