Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sweet Sixteen Party

I knew I wanted to do something special for Kenzie's big birthday and some friends suggested I combine with her good friend Lexie, since both girls were turning 16 about a month apart. Turned out to be the best suggestion ever, 'cause I never could have pulled it all off by myself.

The color scheme was black, white and turquoise. It was fun decorating the table all girly.
We had a fancy dinner complete with  menus and these two cute waiters.

 Fettuccine alfredo, salad and breadsticks...YUM!

 This gorgeous girl is my friend Jen, Lexie's mom. She was the brains and the brawn behind the whole affair. She is one of those amazing, creative, talented people who just goes all out in everything she does (right down to making matching aprons until 2 am the night before!) Thanks for everything, Jen!
After dinner the girls played games (including one Jen just whipped out that day...seriously, amazing.)
 Dessert was chocolate fondue.
 The evening ended with a movie ("You Again") upstairs with the requisite movie treats.
 I think it turned out to be a super fun evening for everyone, especially the birthday girls. Such a cute, fun group of girls. I couldn't be happier with the friends Kenzie has chosen. What a blessing when you don't have to worry about the things your kids are doing because you know they have good friends who will help them choose the right.


Michelle Burk said...

I think I'd like to hire you and Jen to plan my "sweet 16" party--it's in November. Is that enough notice?

karinhawkes said...

Gorgeous girls- both the ones celebrating their big day, as well as their moms! Looks like such a fun evening. Somehow MY 16th doesn't seem all that long ago...;)
Yes, good friends makes ALL the difference. Lucky girls, indeed!

Kimberlee said...

How fun is that!!! You guys rock. she will remember it forever!

Alisa said...

So cute. What a great idea!