Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekend Trip

At the last minute we decided to take a trip to Utah for the long weekend. We started by staying with Brandon and Lindsay in Jerome where the boys got in a little Zumba workout:

Next stop: Our favorite bed & breakfast, the Robertsons' house, where we stay most times we're in Utah. Unfortunately no pictures, but we had fun going to Ikea, the Nickel Arcade and Sub-Zero for ice cream. 

On Sunday we drove to Saratoga Springs to see our friends the Fishers in their beautiful new home right on Utah Lake. The Roches also came down for a fun little reunion. Here's most of the kids:

And the moms:

Our main reason for going down was to see my brother Trevor who has been laid up for weeks with this traumatic injury: 

Gross, I know. He turned his ankle playing basketball and it pretty much just stayed at a 90 degree angle. After having it put back in place he's been in constant pain and can't walk on it or drive. Poor guy! My parents were in Southern Utah so they came up to Provo as well and we had a fun Memorial Day together. Nothing like getting spoiled by the grandparents!

All in all, it was a great trip with family and friends who are like family to us.


Chelsea said...

Way to shock people with that last pic! AAHHH! Sounds like a fun weekend though!

Lindsay said...

Excuse me?! "The boys got in a Zumba workout??" Don't try and hide that YOU too rocked the Zumba!

Michelle Burk said...

Fun weekend. But, wow, that ankle looks scary! I hope he can completely recover.