Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Origami Master

One of Dallin's recent obsessions has been origami. My kids have been doing this for years ( I blame Nathan and Chelsea for the paper swans they had on the tables of their wedding's been going on since then.)

Dallin likes to look up instructions on YouTube and then follow along, the harder the better. This project was a doozy:

First he had to cut and fold over 400 paper triangles. Just this took two days.

Then he carefully put them together to form a swan (or dragon if you want to be more manly)

Quite the accomplishment

I think he's a little burned out on origami now and has since moved on to magic tricks. I know, the girls are just going to be banging down the doors for this guy.


Karin said...

James was going on and on about Dallin's creation when he came home from your place last week.His jaw dropped when I just showed him the final product!
And I love that you already posted Camp. So, so fun!

JasonDebbie said...

holy cow thats very impressive, especially for a child, usually children don't have the patience for that! I wouldnt have the patience for that and I'm an adult!

Chelsea said...

Hey don't blame me for your children being creative! And that last sentence has me dying laughing! Dallin... Such a ladies man haha

Meighan said...

Impressive! I wish my kids would find something that time consuming to do =)

Kimberlee said...

Holy cow that is amazing...and cheaper than Legos!!!! Seriously what a cutie!

Melissa said...

WOW! All that and football too! You've got a lady killer with that guy!