Monday, January 23, 2012

Finally Snow!

We woke up to a pretty major snowstorm last Wednesday. By midday I think we probably had 4-5 inches on the ground. The kids were so excited!
Unfortunately, this is what the yard looked like the very next day:

The snow turned to rain and melted it all away before the kids had much of a chance to play.

So we decided to head to the mountains to my uncle's cabin where there was considerably more snow:
 Like four feet of snow.

We got an additional 6 or 7 inches the night we drove up (scariest car ride of my life!)

Just to add to the adventure the power went out around 2 am, probably due to the heavy snow crashing branches into the power lines.
It never came back on. Thank goodness we had these propane heaters that kept the cabin warm and helped us rethink our cooking plans. (Toast and hot dogs...perfect breakfast and lunch!)
We really didn't need electricity because all of the fun was outside! The kids had an absolute blast!


My cousin Paul cleared a great sledding hill to go down.

Even I was brave enough to try it!

I also enjoyed getting a chance to try out the new camera lens I got for Christmas.
It is such a beautiful area up there with gorgeous trees everywhere.

We also saw some amazing views on the drive home.

Not too bad for iphone pics!

It was a great weekend and we loved having our own winter wonderland just a few hours from home.


Krystle said...

the pictures of the snow one day and then the next- none, cracks me up! and i love how the girls are doing the 'grandma yardley' pose! looks like you guys had lots of fun!

JasonDebbie said...

SO gorgeous!!

LDS Mom said...

Great pictures!