Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Easter to Remember

Hey! Remember me? Remember how I used to blog at least a couple times a month? Yeah, not so much lately. I just haven't wanted to and I figure I have enough things that I have to do, so if don't want to blog I won't. Plus, I blame my iPhone. It's just too easy to take a pic and put it on Instagram rather than haul out my big camera and then upload everything here. Considering it's already taken me over an hour to get these pics up I'm thinking Instagram is the way to go.

But I have this brother, you see. His name is Trevor and he's one of my favorite people and he's been bugging me for months to blog again. And I've been bugging him for months to propose to his darling girlfriend Kaitlin. I told him that I would blog again when he got engaged, so guess what....he's engaged!

Trevor and Kaitlin came to Boise for Easter and even though he wasn't really planning it ahead of time, he popped the question Sunday night. We had spent most of Saturday at the mall shopping for a prom dress for Kenzie (hopefully I'll blog about that for you) and looking at engagement rings for Kaitlin. Pretty fun way to spend a Saturday, don't you think?  Thanks to my niece Camille's awesome husband Jonathan, who works at a jewelry store, we found the perfect ring for Kaitlin's tiny little finger. Mark and I secretly paid for it that night while Trev took Kaitlin to the car.

The next night Lindsay (who was also visiting) and I went into stealth mode, hiding the ring in a golden egg and placing it in a sweet little bird's nest in  our neighborhood. Trev and Kaitlin went for a walk, discovered the egg and the rest is history. Linds and I even got to watch the whole thing crouched in our secret hiding spot.

These two are the most photogenic couple ever and just as cute as can be. We absolutely love Kaitlin and are excited to have her as an official Moyes Girl come August 11th.

All in all it was a crazy Easter weekend, but full of lots of fun and great memories.


Ashlee said...

Love the blog layout! Your kids look beautiful, I so wish we could have been there for all the fun.

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Twisted Weeve said...

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