Friday, April 27, 2012


Last weekend was an exciting one for Kenzie. Not only was it her 17th birthday but it was also the night of Junior prom. She was asked by Chayse, a super great guy in our ward. He's pretty much my favorite and I've already made an arranged marriage between him and one of my girls (he's 16, right between Kenzie and Mallory, so I'd be happy either way). His mom is one of my good friends so it's been fun making plans together. They had things going on all day, starting with breakfast in the morning, pedicures and hair in the afternoon and then Olive Garden before the dance. Kenz went with two good friends, Lexi and Mckensey. Everybody looked so great and it was fun doing pictures. I think Kenzie had a really fun time since Chayse is just a friend, so no pressure. 
Mark and I enjoyed seeing her be so excited and girly although we can hardly believe she's old enough for such things. Gosh we love this girl and just couldn't be any prouder of the person she's becoming. 


The Stephens Family said...

She looks so beautiful...what lucky parents you are!

Kimberlee said...