Thursday, January 15, 2009

The "P" word

Being the mother of two middle-school girls is not always easy. Kenzie, Mallory and I were having a discussion at the dinner table the other night about Mallory's plan to run for student council. She said, "I want to be on it instead of all the snotty "popular" people." (Yes, she did the air quotes, as they both always do when saying the "P" word.) I have always been of the opinion that I want my girls to have good friends, to be well-liked, but to NOT be popular. (No offense to all of you that WERE popular, including my sisters). I've seen those girls at school and I know you all remember them too. The ones who care too much about how they look, who start liking boys way too early, who are mean to everyone else just because they can be. So far, I've been proud of my girls for staying away from all that nonsense and being happy with who they are.

So as Mallory and I were writing her speech for the student council elections ("Hi!My name is Mallory, and I may be little but I can make a big difference!") , she wanted to be sure to include her feelings about the middle school social structure. Part of the speech says stuff about how we shouldn't care so much how much people look, but how they are on the inside, and we should stop bullying and judging, etc. I was really proud of her! Then at the end I thought she should say something to appeal to all the "nobodies" out there who don't feel like they have a say in middle school (let's face it...the vast majority of the kids).

"But Mom," Mall says, "I don't want it to sound like I'm one of those people."

"Aren't we trying to get them to vote for you instead of one of the "popular" people?" I ask.

"Oh no, Mom, I'm popular, I'm just not snotty."

I'm not sure how I feel about this...

P.S. If you know any kids from Lake Hazel Middle School be sure to have them vote for Mallory for Sixth Grade Secretary. Thank you.


The Michiganders said...

So cute. We definitely have our share of middle school "popular girl" drama. It has been my least favorite part of parenting-EVER.

Oh--except for rotovirus.
That was worse. ;)

Hope she gets lots and lots of votes!

Ashlee said...

LOL!!! Tell Mallory I'd vote for her.

Reagan said...

I don't envy you having girls that age. I fear that time in my life.

We miss spending time at your house in AZ. Your new home is beautiful! It gives me hope for what we have to look forward to at the end of all this.