Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ready to get Lost every Wednesday night

It took us more than a year and countless DVD rentals (thank you Netflix!) but Mark and I have finally caught up and are ready to start the new season of Lost tonight. Who knows what bizarre scenario they've thought of next? ( I can't wait to find out!)


JasonDebbie said...

heck yeah baby!! I'm so excited! They better not kill off desmond, hes my favorite.

Donna said...

I saw a commercial today and had forgotten it was tonight!! I was so excited. I have been a faithful watcher (DVR!) since it began! Can't wait to see what happens. You're a great blogger by the way! Love to read it! (Oh and it was 80 here the last few days. Be glad it is cold there....shouldn't be this warm in the winter). ;)

Amy said...

This is about the only show we watch nowadays! It's getting a little crazy, but we just can't give it up!