Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For the Birds

Reason why I really like living in Idaho #121:
There are a lot of interesting birds around here! I know, you never thought of me as the naturalist type, but it's been lots of fun watching them. We had a ton of geese and ducks flying by all winter long, there are the cutest quail families that scurry across our backyard and there's a pheasant (Mark's favorite) living in the field behind our house. One night I spotted what we think was a falcon perched on top of one of our front porch pillars. There's also some kind of lark that sits at the very top of our quaking aspen and sings the prettiest song.

Last night our neighbors were over and we made this discovery after wondering why our cats were climbing a certain tree:

A momma robin sitting on her three new babies:

Here she is standing watch after the cat scared her away. I'm sure she was a little worried with all the attention her little ones were getting.

I hope the cats don't get to her babies before they have a chance to fly away on their own!

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