Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Motorcycle Mania

I'll admit that when Mark started buying motorcycles a few years ago I wasn't too thrilled. I especially thought the little one he bought for the kids was pointless since we lived in the city and there weren't many places for them to ride it. I've changed my mind after today. We spent most of the afternoon and evening riding the bikes and it was a blast! It's so fun to have so much space to ride around in. We thought the boys might be ready to learn, so Mark started teaching Brady, first by riding with him and then running alongside.

By the end of the night he was nothing but a blur as he rode past all by himself.

Dallin took to it immediately without any help at all.

The girls have been riding for a few years now and they love it.

Just a quick break to practice piano...

Even I got in on the action and Mark took me off a few jumps on the quad.

Here's the biggest kid of them all, loving every minute of it.

And here's what we came home to find after going out for dinner:

The boys went to bed tonight scheming to get up early and immediately start riding. My apologies to the neighbors if you start hearing a little motor going around 7 am.


JasonDebbie said...

Fun! Those kittens are so adorable! And I love your hair, are you growing it out?

also known as shell said...

Chad got a motorcycle last year and I was a little hesitant too. but its been really fun to have. I love the picture of you two! You should totally have it framed!

Ashlee said...

Oh the kittens!! Too much! And you are looking pretty hot on that quad sister :)

Kimberlee said...

Oh looks like fun, way to go Brady...and hello hotty picture of you and MArk...va va voom!

Melissa said...

Hot motorcycle mama!! What a fun activity ( Matt's dream!)