Monday, October 26, 2009

Homecoming Weekend

We're back from a whirlwind weekend in Provo. It was homecoming for BYU, a tradition I don't think my parents have missed since they left the Y over 30 years ago. Of course they've passed this school pride on to the rest of the family (I always say that in my family it was never "if" you go to BYU, but "when" you go to BYU.) We had almost our entire family there (all but Jason's family and Melissa's kids). To say it was crazy would be an understatement...picture 23 people trying to go anywhere together (BYU bookstore, Chuck-a-Rama, Cafe Rio, etc). We had a great time just being together, even if our beloved Cougars never even showed up for the game. The other bad news is that even though we were all dressed so cute in matching Y gear for the game we never got one big picture. You'll have to settle for these not-so-great-ones taken at Lindsay's apt. after the game.

Brandon, Ashlee, Jeff and my dad.

Melissa, Matt and Mark (who has taken the loss remarkably well, I might add.)

Chelsea and Nathan, waiting for a baby boy in December!

Cutie Skylar, who we loved seeing along with Amber's Carter and Sydney (how could I not have taken more pictures?) Thanks for a great weekend, everyone! We love and miss you all.
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