Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mission Accomplished

(Picture taken last winter for my 365 picture-a-day album)
So last night was a monumental event for our family: we finished reading the Book of Mormon. Now you might think I was bragging about how spiritual and obedient we are. We're not. It took us probably 4 years to finish it (no joke). We are so on-again-off-again with our family scripture study that it drives me crazy. We go in spurts when we'll read for a several nights in a row and then we'll go a week without. And let's not even talk about this summer when it didn't get dark until 10:00, so by the time everyone was in the house it was time for bed. Regardless of our track record I'm glad that we can say that we finally finished it.
Apparently Brady is also relieved, since he said to me this morning, "I'm so glad we finished the Book of Mormon and now we'll never have to read scriptures again." Yep, future missionary in the making right there.


JasonDebbie said...

Hey I have that same brown chest/trunk thingy! I'm looking for a simplified scriptures so I can read them to the kids but I can't find any!

Chelsea said...

So time for a trip to disneyland??!!

Kimberlee said...

still laughing over Brady!

Michelle Burk said...

I love Brady! I think that was an inspired statement. Thanks for the tip, Brady! One less thing to do everyday. Sweet!