Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Last night was Dallin's Pinewood Derby. I would really like to say that we came in first, second, or even third place. We didn't. In fact, Dallin's car didn't win any of it's races. For one race he was against a car shaped like a school bus (!) and he still lost. It's not our fault that the winners every year are practically Professional Derby Car Builders (I'm talking to you, Ken Dougal.) Even more sad? They had a specific award for the car that was the most "True Blue" and we didn't even win that with our beautiful homage to BYU. (Do you like how I say "we" as if I had anything to do with the car? All I contributed was the Y sticker.) Oh well, better luck next time.
(This pic is for all of you who don't have sons of scouting age yet. Can you believe how high-tech this race is? Computers and headset microphones and all. This is serious business...just ask Ken Dougal.)
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Chelsea said...

Hurts my a heart just a lil bit... that he didn't win a race, that he didn't win the true blue award, and that he is old enough to be doing the pinewood derby!!!

Jennifer said...

It took us three years and a secret weapon ( my BIL) to win! It all has to do with the wheels! There are websites, stores etc devoted to winning. Crazy!

He is a super cute kid!

Michelle Burk said...

Well, he looks good. And it's all about the looks anyway, isn't it?

Celeste said...

I am going to miss having Dallin in my scout group so much! I knew that had to be his car as soon as I saw the big "Y".