Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hope you're all having a wonderful Easter Weekend. We had a fun day doing all the traditional Easter activities. We started with a super fun egg hunt put on by two families from our former (sniff!) ward. (Our boundaries changed last Sunday...much to our dismay.) They had over 2000 candy-filled eggs scattered all over their neighborhood, plus check out these fabulous prizes!

The boys loved grabbing up as many as their baskets could hold. Then it was time to sort through, looking for the prize eggs. Dallin found one, but Brady was starting to get worried that he would come up empty-handed.

Thank goodness the very last egg he opened held the precious slip of paper. After seeing the big chocolate bunny he won he shouted, "I am the luckiest one!"

We spent the rest of the day watching conference and coloring easter eggs. Plus Brady wanted to repeat the egg hunt over and over and over again in the backyard. Unfortunately our weather hasn't exactly felt very springy. At least it was sunny and not snowing like the previous two days! Happy Easter everyone!

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