Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mini Spring Break

We spent a long weekend in Utah to start out our Spring Break. We stayed with our good friends the Robertsons who are always so nice about letting us stay there anytime we're in town. The only pictures I took were of the boys (including dads) playing tag at the park on Sunday.

Other highlights included:
*taking the girls to the YW broadcast at the Conference Center
*spending time with Trevor, Lindsay and Brandon
*seeing Mark's sister Ann and her family
*shopping at the BYU bookstore
*eating at all my favorite places (that we don't have in Idaho) including Pei Wei, In-N-Out and Chick-Fil-A (let's face it, the real reason I wanted to go to Utah was for the food...I know you're not surprised)
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JasonDebbie said...

I like how someone in your family is ALWAYS in BYU apparel.:)

Teri said...

We went to Utah for Spring Break too. I should have called. Kaylee went to the YW broadcast at the conference center with my sister and her girls. We ate at in-n-out, cafe rio and brick oven. Our must haves when we visit. Too funny. When we go to Utah, it is all about the food. :)