Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brady's Place

As I was changing the sheets in the boys room today I thought I had to document the small area of our house that belongs completely to Brady: the top bunk. And believe me, he makes good use of the space. He is always decorating it, adding to it and finding things to put up there. Currently you will find:
* balloons from Mark's b-day (what kind of helium is that? They've stayed floating for almost a week!)
*Star Wars cut outs and original Brady artwork taped on the wall and railing (that boy loves his Scotch tape...must get it from his Aunt Lindsay)
*hockey poster from Sports Illustrated Kids
*trading cards from S.I. Kids
*poster he made for the 100th day of school, featuring 100 things to do with BYU football (of course)
*leftover glowsticks from last night's talent show
*Bear Blankie he's had since he was born
*favorite space pillowcase, a hand-me-down from my brothers
*book left over from late-night reading

It's always an adventure to see what he's thought of to put up there. Sometimes it's surprising he even has room to sleep!
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Chelsea said...

I am dying right now! That boy kills me!! Too funny!

Lindsay said...

Hahaha! Yes! Scotch Tape!!

Karin said...

Oh how I wish my kids would keep their decorating to their bed area! Nice, Brady.
And you need to post your talent show clip. I hear it was fantabulous!