Monday, March 15, 2010


Brady is a little bit obsessed with guns. I know, every little boy makes a gun out of legos or any random stick he finds. But Brady is constantly pretending to shoot or wanting to play army. He only wants to check out military books from the library. OK, his dad did spend 14 years in the Air Force. Also, maybe the fact that Mark collects WWII rifles has something to do with it. And we did give him a nerf machine gun for Christmas. OK, I guess we should take some blame here.

What I'm mostly concerned about is the fact that every time he wants to draw it involves some sort of shooting. On the back of every school paper is an intricately drawn battle scene. Here's a paper he brought home last week:

Notice how Dallin and I are apparently parachuting down, guns drawn, while Brady is on the ground shooting back at us. From the frown on my face and the red slash to my belly I don't think it's going to end well for me. I'm not sure if I should be flattered that he thinks I'm cool enough to be a paratrooper or concerned that Dallin and I are his number one targets. Something to think about.

Should Brady continue on with this military obsession he has some wonderful heroes to follow, especially this uncle. Jeff flies Chinook helicopters for the Army and just left for another year in Iraq. We love you Jeff and are thankful for all of the sacrifices you, your fellow servicemen and their families (especially their families!) make. You are constantly in our prayers.
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The Michiganders said...

I am so glad you posted this. I have been way worried about Zach being obsessed about guns. Everything he builds out of legos--gun related.

So relieved to know that most boys do this thing. ;)

Melissa said...

I am having the same concerns with Hayden. Every toy is made into a gun or weapon. He's not quite the artist as Brady though. It's a boy thing!?!

Celeste said...

I was dying while I read this. Too funny!! No wonder Caden likes to play with Brady!