Friday, March 12, 2010


A few months back my friend Michelle (PTO President Extraordinaire) asked if I would head up a spelling bee for our elementary school. I said yes, not knowing just how time-consuming the project would be. I think if Mark hears me say "I have to go to a spelling bee meeting" one more time he'll scream. Finally the big day arrived and everything went relatively well (only a few disgruntled parents!) I'm just relieved to have it over with.

Not surprisingly Dallin was one of the three top spellers from his class:

He did a great job and stayed through the fourth round when he got out on "precocious" (he left out the "i"). Seriously, that's a tough word for a third grader! We're so proud of you D, and I'll admit I'm a little glad to not have to help you study for the multi-school bee next week.
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Karin said...

Way to go, Dallin! And I hear you- taking a break from the constant spelling is nice!

Lindsay said...

Wow, I would def not know how to spell that word. Good job, D!

michiganbliss said...

G-o-o-d j-o-b D!!

Julie and Kyle said...

im not sure i even know how to spell that word. good job little man!