Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's making me happy today

Today is the first day in weeks that it's actually felt like spring. Just having the sun out automatically lifts my spirits. I'm also loving everything that's just starting to bloom, including this new bush (don't ask me what it's called) that Mark planted yesterday.

This is the empty field behind our house. Most of the time it looks terrible and full of weeds. But for a few weeks in the spring it greens up and has a lovely purple hue (from the sage? I don't know) that makes it look almost picturesque.

Mark spent his birthday money on a big flagpole for the front yard, something he's always wanted. I love that the flag is just gently blowing today, rather than standing straight out from our almost-constant Idaho winds. (And yes, we have a big BYU flag to fly on game days...our Boise State neighbors are going to love it!)

I'm very proud of this girl for playing "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet"on the piano at her seminary conference this morning. She has been practicing for weeks and was so, so nervous to do it.
I'm excited for this girl who has out of the blue decided to do cheerleading at the middle school. Only problem: practices are at 6 a.m. (I moved here to avoid early morning seminary, and now I get this?!?)And lastly, don't you think everyone should have a pet that coordinates with their shoes? I highly recommend it.
So what's making you happy today?


Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing. Spring and coordinating pets are definitely something to smile at :)

Amy said...

Oooo, I need to know what the name of that bush is!! The flagpole is awesome! I want one too. Nice job, Kenzie!! I'm sure it feels great to have that over with. Good luck with the 5:30 wake-up times to get to cheer by 6AM!!! I LOVE Spring AND the coordinating cat.

Melissa said...

You are making me happy today! Love ya!