Monday, May 31, 2010

Got Milk?

(Sorry, you know I had to have that for my title.)
We spent the weekend about two hours away in Jerome visiting my little sister Lindsay and her husband Brandon. Since graduating from the Y in April, Brandon has started working as a manager at a large dairy farm. They live in an older home right next to the dairy, way out in the country (definitely not the life any of us envisioned for Lindsay, but she's learning to love it... right Linds?)

The kids had a great time in their big yard climbing trees, looking for eggs (there are a million birds!) and trying to catch baby mice. Mallory was in heaven.

Saturday morning Brandon took us on a tour of the dairy. It is huge with over 13,000 cows (and believe it or not it didn't smell that bad!).

The kids loved getting to bottle-feed the baby calves.

Then we went to see all the calves that had been born just that morning.

Mallory thought it was cute that this one seemed to like her...

until it started wiping it's slimy nose all over her.

And to end the tour Brandon gloved up to help deliver a calf right in front of our eyes. Lucky for all of you my camera battery died just as it was coming out. Believe me, it's a sight you wouldn't soon forget (I know my kids won't!)

Up next...Shoshone Falls!

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JasonDebbie said...

The cow birth sounds.....awesome.:)