Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring Sports

Last Saturday we finished up the boys' season of spring sports. Brady did his second year of soccer and Dallin played flag football again. Since it was early spring in Idaho Mark and I spent many freezing, early Saturday mornings bundled up on the sidelines cheering them on. Brady has improved a lot since last year and loved getting to play goalie. (Thank you Celeste for the awesome pics!)

Dallin continues to love football and had a great time on this team (he discovered it's fun when you actually win, unlike last season.) On to tackle football starting in August with practices four times a week. What am I getting myself into?

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Jim said...

We're excited to join you on the sidelines in the fall! That top goalie picture is awesome! Definitely blow-up-poster-size-at-Costco quality:)

Michelle Burk said...

Love watching the boys--it's far better than cleaning the house on a sunny Saturday morning. Fun picts!

Dr. Trevorekian said...

yeah, ya gotta blow up and frame that goalie pic.