Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Brady, my baby

Now I know that this boy just turned 8, was baptized and will be starting 3rd grade in just a few weeks, but he is and will forever be my baby. Case in point: this picture taken from my bedroom floor at 9:45 this morning (how are my kids ever going to start getting up early for school?!?). If Brady has a nightmare or thinks he sees a spider downstairs he quickly comes running up to our room, no matter the hour. I lay out some blankets on the floor and he instantly falls back asleep (while I usually can't go back to sleep for a good long while...grrrr.) He will always bring his bear blankie up with him because he can't sleep without it. Some of my sisters were talking about taking blankets away from their 3 year olds and I'm thinking I missed the boat on that one. Do you think there will be room in Brady's mission suitcase for a well-loved bear blankie? Also notice the footie pajamas that still look so cute on him. He decided to wear them last night so he wouldn't scratch the 10 or 12 mosquito bites on his legs.

Yes, he's definitely the baby of the family and for sure is the most spoiled. This kid can get me to buy him a lego set almost every time we go to Target just so I don't have to hear him cry and throw a tantrum. After four kids you'll do anything just to keep the peace. Whether or not this translates to getting a sports car when he's sixteen remains to be seen.


Meighan said...

Now I can see what is in store for us with our little Jacob--youngest child, adored and spoiled by all! How cute that he still loves his blankie and wears footie jammies!

heather said...

jacob still has a baby blankie he sleeps with. it won't be going to college with him. ha. i am a big believer in blankies. smile.