Monday, August 15, 2011

Good Riddance

You may recall just how much I despise the calcium plant directly behind my house. This picture from last summer shows it in all it's decrepit glory. Three years ago when we first came up to see our house being built I almost cried when I saw this ugly building framed by my big living room windows. We had changed building lots while we were still living in Phoenix and I didn't realize what sat behind us until it was too late.

Well look at the view now:
One of the happiest days this summer was when a big tractor came to dig up the field behind us to plant corn. Yay! No more ugly dry weeds and sagebrush! Then, piece by piece they dismantled the calcium plant and the structures around it until it's mostly gone.

Now when I look out all I can see is a gorgeous sea of green as the corn grows higher and higher. Although I don't know what the future plans are for this land I'm sure going to appreciate the beauty while it lasts!
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