Friday, September 2, 2011

Cabin Trip

Last weekend we celebrated the end of summer by heading to the mountains with my cousin Paul and his family. His parents have a cabin that's less than two hours away. We had such a great time relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors, plus Paul and Lesli are just a ton of fun to be with. A highlight was playing in the river/ hot springs nearby (this is right where we went for Girls Camp so we were familiar with the area).

 Dallin saving Lesli and Tanner from floating too far down the river
 Cute Avery

 Tanner looking manly

 Poor Mallory scraped her legs up pretty good

 Mark and Paul..BFFs and pretty much inseparable this summer. These two love being together and get along so well.

 Cute pic taken by Kenz

Saturday night Mark and Paul were determined to go back to the river and catch a salmon they had trapped earlier that day (the salmon were running at the fun to watch!) Sure enough, they came back victorious with a pretty big fish they caught with their bare hands (Bear Grylls would be so proud!) They sliced it opened and found all the eggs the poor salmon was heading upstream to lay. (This is about half of the eggs.) Most of the group tried eating the eggs. Caviar! Apparently they tasted like eggs (I, of course, did not partake.)

All in all it was a great weekend. It's been so fun hanging out with these guys now that they live so close. We're hoping to go back to the cabin in the winter to play in the snow!

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