Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Football Fever

If it's starting to feel like Fall then you know that football has taken over our lives. Dallin and Brady are both playing again this year so if you include BYU we pretty much watch football all day on Saturdays. Let's not even talk about the Cougars right now :(

Brady made his first touchdown in his first game of the season. We were so excited as he ran the length of the field without getting his flag pulled (I think he was pretty surprised!) Thanks to Celeste for pictures (since I forgot my camera)

 Dallin's team is having another great year. They were undefeated going into Saturday's game, against another undefeated team. After a loooong afternoon ending with the ambulance having to take one player off the field (from the other team...I don't think it was too serious) the game ended tied 6-6. The coaches told the boys the low score was thanks to the offensive line, of which Dallin is right guard.



And if it's done correctly the opponent ends up on the ground (which usually happens since D is usually bigger than the kids he's against.)
It's fun to see how aggressive Dallin gets since he's really such a sweet kid off the field. After this nail-biter of a  game we were thrilled to see Dallin awarded the blocking award for the week.

Is there anything cuter than this boy in his compression shirt and white pants?
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