Sunday, May 10, 2009

Recipe For a Great Mother's Day Weekend

1. Have fun sister visit, give daughters cute haircuts, go out to eat, go shopping (buy most comfortable lounge pants ever for only $5 with sister's Gap discount)
2. Enjoy sons' soccer games with sunny, warm weather (a first this season!). Dallin made his first goal (actually the first time one of our kids has made a goal in a game...after over probably 50 games among our 4 kids...I know, they get their athleticism from me...) Lindsay and I were so excited, unfortunately Mark was on call and missed the momentous occasion!

3. Spend Sunday doing anything you want, including taking a three hour nap, wearing previously mentioned lounge pants, catching up on blogs, talking to BFF on phone, reading romance novel ("Austenland" by Shannon Hale, fun quick read), eating dinner made by hubby and kids, listening to everyone else clean the house, and hopefully watching chick flick ("Bride Wars") with husband if he's not at the hospital all night.

Not a bad day to be a mom. Happy Mother's Day to all moms and future moms, and especially my wonderful mom (who doesn't read this since she's not very computer savvy, but I love her anyway!)

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Courtney said...

sounds like a winning recipe. love your longer hair.

Ashlee said...

Um...I'm LOVING your hair right now! It looks so good! Can you please send Lindsay my way so she can help my hair, thank you.

Melissa said...

I too am loving your hair! How do you get it to grow so fast? What a fun day!

The Yardley's said...

love the last picture of you! and the one with linds. so cute!